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130 cabin nativity


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Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of the savior. My mom had a cabin like this in Montana out in the wilds away from everything but she also had out a nativity during the Christmas season . This insert is a great decoration for the month of December.
This insert goes into our unique changeable advent calendar or into our Shadow Picture Box allowing you to change your home decor for every month. Simply slide the insert in and out of place for a quick and easy decoration changes for all year round to help you celebrate and make memories.
The changeable advent calendar is a type of reusable advent calendar that allows you to simply switch the theme or scene of the calendar for different occasions. The Changeable advent calendar has a center piece that can easily be removed and replaced with a variety of scenes, for several holidays throughout the year. We have holiday inserts for Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, Fourth of July, St Patricks' day, Valentines or anniversary. We also have some beautifully designed themed inserts that are based on Star Wars, Harry Potter and Nightmare before Christmas
A changeable advent calendar is a great and simple way to add some variety to your home decor and excitement to your countdowns. It can also be a family keepsake and heirloom that you can use and refill differently year after year.
Fun ideas to put in the countdown calendar can be simple rewards like candy, money, small toys or even small dog treats for your furry kids. Other fun ideas can be to take a 200 piece puzzle and place the pieces into all of the different drawers and then work on the puzzle all month long. Write on different pieces of paper activities, movies, or scriptures.
*The stain colors can vary slightly from pictures.

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