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2304 Merry Christmas: Santa’s sleigh 1 house


This beautifully hand crafted Christmas advent calendar makes a wonderful and fun Christmas tradition.  Each of the drawers open so that a few pieces of candy, notes, or a small gift may be placed and enjoyed through out the Christmas season.

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Discover the charm of winter wonderlands with our meticulously crafted Santa's flight house shaped advent calendar, a delightful way to count down the days until Christmas. Measuring 18.25 inches in height. and 14.25 inches in length, and 2.25 inches wide, this calendar is a compact treasure trove of holiday joy. The calendar’s design is a homage to North Pole mysteries, featuring Santa and his reindeer racing among mountains and trees. Each day, as you open one of the 25 doors, you’ll reveal a small unique treat, activity, or trinket that captures the essence of winter festivities. The intricate details of the snowflakes, sleigh, and reindeer bring an image of crisp air and soft crunchy snow underfoot to mind, transporting you to a serene snowy escape. Constructed from high-quality Baltic birch, known for its durability and fine grain, the calendar is both sturdy and elegant. The wood’s natural beauty is preserved, providing a rustic yet refined backdrop for the calendar’s detailed scenes. The snowy peaks, evergreens, sleigh, Christmas message, and snowflakes are depicted with artistic precision, creating a three-dimensional landscape that stands out against the calendar’s house shape. This advent calendar isn’t just a countdown to Christmas; it’s an interactive piece of art that invites you to explore the depths of your imagination. As you move through the month of December, the calendar becomes a narrative of your own holiday story, with each door’s revelation adding to the anticipation of the season’s magic. Perfect for placing on a mantelpiece, shelf, or table, the calendar serves as a focal point for holiday decor. Its timeless design ensures it will be a cherished part of your Christmas tradition for years to come. Whether for yourself or as a gift, Santa's flight house shaped advent calendar with its sleigh, Christmas greeting, snowflakes, mountains, and trees is a beautiful way to celebrate the countdown to Christmas and the joy of the season.
* stain colors may vary slightly from picture


  • Height 18.25 Inches
  • Length 14.25 Inches
  • Width is 2.65 inches

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 4 in
Stain Color

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